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Xydakis Family

During the rough years of the era when Mykonos was not the famous tourist resort of today, the island was only a small dot on the map, unknown to most people. The tourists that passed by were very few, and most registered controversial information for a place that seemed to live under the shadow of Delos, at least in ancient times.

Located right in the heart of the Aegean, in the midst of seas easily mastered by competent seamen and which become culture and wealth transmitters through the Myconian ship masters.

The land was completely infertile and yet the population was mainly rural. Also rural in its whole the Xydakis family, that arrived in the island from Crete, over three centuries ago. Today they live in the region around Ombrodectis that embraced them as year by year they multiplied and decently made the most of the given land.

A long time passed since then. The archaeologists put Delos on the map giving Mykonos the chance to tell its own truth to the world. A truth that included a wealth of natural beauty, amazing beaches, pure and hospitable people.

Already from the 20's this truth became property of the first organized travellers. More years passed and Ombrodectis, the most fertile part of the island became an Airport in order to serve the tourism of the island.

Besides, the tourism would also benefit by the Xydakis family along with their agricultural activity. In this way they succeed in balancing through cultivation activities (vineyards, fructuous trees, horticultural) and tourist activities (hotels, buildings, constructions).

Facing the ever rapidly growing island of Mykonos, this balance is critical and we are happy to see it in families deeply rooted in the land.