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Contact & Reservations

Are you interested in learning more about the Xydakis Apartments in Mykonos Town or have a particular query about our rooms, facilities or services? If so, contact us by e-mail, phone at +30 22890 79373 or fax at +30 22890 26836. If you have chosen Xydakis Mykonos Villa Apartments for your vacation accommodation in Mykonos, make your reservations now so that you will have the advantage of choosing the type of room most suitable for you. We are eager to welcome you to the Xydakis Apartments and to the marvelous island of Mykonos Greece! To make a reservation or to enquire about the rooms, facilities or services at the Xydakis Mykonos Town Apartments, please send us your message by filling in as many fields as possible in the contact form. For us to receive your message, it is necessary that the name, e-mail and phone fields be completed. Thank you for selecting us.


Note: We offer Mykonos accommodation for groups of friends that are 23 years old and up.

In order to make a reservation at Mykonos Apartments Xydakis, it is necessary that 30% of the total cost of your stay be prepaid via credit card (Visa & MasterCard) bank transfer to the following account:

Alpha Bank
IBAN No.: GR12 0140 7940 7940 0200 2009 567
Beneficiary: Xydakis Apostolos / WAY OF LIVING IN MYKONOS